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Director Melina Matsoukas is giving a behind the scenes look at the making of Jay Z and Beyoncé's recently released fake movie trailer. 

In an interview with Elle, Matsoukas says the video isn't a trailer, but "a music video for his song 'Part II (On The Run)'" from his recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail. Apparently, Jay wanted to visualize the song in a unique way and Matsoukas came up with the idea to make a trail "for this blockbuster that you'll never see."  While Beyoncé was "really excited" about the idea, Jay was hesitant to take on an acting role.  

As for the video's star-studded cast, Matsoukas says all the "cameos came last minute."  She even credits Jay Z for putting in a call to Sean Penn, who came ready to film on short notice.  Sean even improvised his own dialogue after a short discussion with Jay about his character.  Matsoukas says the resulting scene is one of her favorites. 

In case you missed it, check it out below (Warning: Graphic content):