So I have this friend, Joe Daddio... he works with RCA Records and his role is like that of a drug rep...


... he pushes radio stations to play certain songs, like a drug rep pushes doctors to write prescriptions for certain medicines and whatnot.


At any rate, he's got this great back yard... it's huge. He and his wife have this place in a great part of town which might be a bit 'older' but nonetheless, they're in a neighborhood which existed before a backyard was a patch of grass, a fence and a view of a post office. 


Sometimes, on weekends during the summer, we'll go cook out over at the Casa de Daddio. Sometimes during football season, our kids will play in the back yard while we take care of the very serious business of watching football during the season. 


This... would be perfect in that back yard. 


So - if you're reading - Melissa - this... should be his father's day gift! Because this is indeed... very handy!