Backpack Snacks for Kids 2020

Weis Supermarkets

Hundreds of Kids go home without food in their home in Sussex County and that number is growing!

A Partial Solution

Sussex County Division of Social Services has designed a weekend meal program. They have found a way to identify these children and deliver snack packs in their back packs every Friday.

iHeart Media and our partners want to make sure that our kids do not go hungry on the weekends. 

Our goal is to get more schools on board and insure that our Kids don’t go hungry.

Thanks to our Sponsors that give us the opportunity to promote on air and on site.  

Donations are being accepted at all three Weis locations, Franklin, Newton and Randolph, plus, Visions Federal Credit Union (Hackettstown, Augusta, Randolph), Newton Medical Center, Selective Insurance (Branchville), Subaru World, Toyota World and Volkswagen World in the month of March