"The Car Is A Ferrari And It Goes Fast" Speedster Tells Florida Cops

Miami man arrested after fleeing police in Ferrari

Miami man arrested after fleeing police in Ferrari

A Miami man who was spotted driving recklessly in a 2016 Ferrari sports car was arrested early Sunday morning on Highway 2 after fleeing from deputies at more than 100 mph.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, deputies received a call about a Ferrari driving at a high rate of speed down Highway 1. When Sgt. Robert Dosh spotted the suspect's vehicle and attempted to pull him over, the driver fled, increasing his speed from 75 mph to 100 mph. a statement from the department said.

Sgt Dosh was able to catch up with the driver of the Ferrari, later identified as Gabriel Molina, after he spotted the sports car at a gas station down the highway. The speedy driver was taken into custody, but not Molina admitted speeding to the deputy saying, "The car is a Ferrari and it goes fast."

However, the suspect denied that he was fleeing from officers in the "fast' Ferrari, but a woman who was accompanying Molina in the vehicle told officers otherwise. According to the statement from the department, "the female in the passenger seat stated that Molina did indeed see Sgt. Dosh’s lights and heard his siren. She also stated she told Molina to slow down."

The woman was allowed to leave and was not held by officers.

This isn't Molina's first run-in with cops. According to court records, Molina has nine traffic ticket convictions between 2013 and 2019, including one in Miami-Dade county for doing 100 mph in a 55 mph zone, the Miami Herald reported.

Molina was charged with felony fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer with his lights on. The suspect is due to be arraigned in court on May 7.

Photo: Monroe County Sheriff's Office