Woman Leaves Waitress $5000 Tip Then Gets Arrested

Portrait Of Waitress In Hotel Restaurant Preparing Bill

Portrait Of Waitress In Hotel Restaurant Preparing Bill

A waitress named Ryan at a restaurant in Clearwater, Florida had a day she won't ever forget - she was left a $5000 tip. It was especially touching for her since she had just recently put her dog down. The news even covered the story, but soon after, the tip was in the headlines again. It's because the person who left it, 24-year-old Serina Wolfe of Buffalo, New York, was arrested over it.

It turns out Serina came into the eatery and enjoyed a $55.37 breakfast. When the bill came, she handed over her credit card and added the massive tip, which was nearly 10,000% of the tab. However, it wasn't her credit card - it belonged to her boyfriend, Michael Crane, who she was mad at.

According to the Clearwater police, Wolfe was upset Crane didn't buy her a return ticket to Buffalo. They argued and Crane put a hold on his card to make sure she wouldn't misuse it, but when he later removed the hold, she went out for the pricey breakfast.

Crane reported the fraud to his credit card company, who then let the cafe know, but the restaurant had already paid out the tip.

Though Wolfe originally denied making the charge, she eventually fessed up, explaining that she was drunk and trying to get back at her boyfriend. She was arrested and charged with grand theft.

As for Ryan, police say it is up to the restaurant to decide if she gets to keep the tip.

Photo: Getty Images, Pinellas County Sheriff's Department