Borasios Birthday Weekend 2020 !

March 4th... the only day of the year that is a command. It tells you what to do ..MARCH FORTH ! ( get it ? ... ) LOL

What a weekend it was. I stopped by my beautiful mothers house for a surprise "Gave-Birthday" visit on Wednesday - lets face it . its HER gave BIRTH-DAY. Its my BORN day ! ~

In any event . I honor my mom every year for my "birthday" ! <3

The rest of the week went fairly smooth. Unfortunately it included more dental work =(

The PARTY on Friday was awesome ! My friend Don and his Band "Felix and The Cats" played at Dons' Blue Arrow Farm ( and my second home) !

Its was a Party hardy ya'll =)

Saturday was LUNCH and Games with my Mom , Sister and favorite little person !

Always a good time

Birthday with the little man

Sunday was magical - back at the Blue Arrow Farm again . Not to party this time , but to let the herd of horses run free in the bright ( almost) spring sunshine !

What a gorgeous sight to see -

James and the Gang

A SUPER HUGE Thank you to My mom, Don, Kathy, Bev , the entire Blue Arrow Family MY MOM & everyone who reached out to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

I truly felt the love from everyone - Heres to another trip around the sun together !

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