Todays "Just my Opinion": " COVID-19" is really FEAR !

Just my personal thoughts on the COVID-19 / Corona virus 'craze'.

Firstly. I am not downplaying the need to be mindful of personal hygiene and cleanliness. Thats something we SHOULD be doing every day not just during flu season ! and cleanliness

But before you go out and stock pile Body Condoms, Lysol, Hand Sanitizer and toilet paper for the CORONA VIRUS - * by the way , I still cant figure out the connection with all the toilet paper. I mean C'mon .. even if everyone in your house is ill , do you really need a YEARS worth of toilet paper for a 2 week flu ? Its ridiculous *

THINK about this please..

**THIS IS NOT POLITICAL** in a Republican/Democratic sort of way , but consider - If the 'government' (who is all inter-connected) wants us to be even more divided than we already are in order to help fill their particular agendas ..what better way than to make us completely afraid of EACH OTHER ! ( Subconscious mind control ?!? )

The Government and the Press are in a partnership...

They are feeding us a fear that is ultimately meant to subconsciously , thru our ' own free will" - under the guise of ' protecting us", forcing us to deprive ourselves of a simple basic human necessity - HUMAN CONTACT

Physical contact is so incredibly important to our mental and physical well being ..especially HUGS.

WIKIPEDIA SAYS : Hugging has been proven to have health benefits. One study has shown that hugs increase levels of oxytocin and reduce blood pressure.

Based on significant research indicating that a 20-second-or-longer hug releases oxytocin.Leo Buscaglia encourages people to hug for 21 days consecutively and to have each day a hug that lasts for a minimum of 21 seconds. He recommends "getting lost in the hug," encouraging people to slow down and "use the power of the hug to be fully present in the moment"

Whats happening today is a horrible mental control tactic - a brainwashing - thats being feed to us by the press, and "we" are eating it up .

My friend NATE says: Political differences him or hate him (President Trump)...this is a manufactured crisis. Now, I'm not saying corona virus is not real, or that it was engineered and released intentionally. I'm saying we, in the U.S.A. have made a mountain out of a mole hill. There have been people who outright stated they would like to see a depression. Why? So they can blame the tanked economy on the President and influence the November elections. It sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory. It sounds like the plot of a Tom Clancy novel...but it's happening before our very eyes.

This has an impact on literally everything - from fuel and grocery sales to concerts and colleges. Kiddie parks to top corporations ! ITS EVERYWHERE .. not the Virus - The FEAR

Oh Oh .. by the way ..who are you going to call if you DO get sick. Doctor ? NO. Hospital ? NO.

It$ your IN$URANCE COMPANY ! They are the one$ who tell you what kind of treatment you can ' afford '. If you dont 'qualify', you dont get help. Nice, right !

Another friend agrees

: Sensible precautions are a good idea especially for anyone who’s already physically compromised.

But this paranoid overreaction is just as dangerous as any virus. I won’t hug or touch anyone who doesn’t want it but I refuse to pull away from the people I care about. This craziness will eventually pass.

Just consider how much further this " virus" is DIVIDING US as human beings. We need to be closer to each other than ever before in order to fix our world . Its critical to our survival and existence... yet here we are !

AND - Lets not forget the major role the (government regulated) PHARMACEUTICAL $ INDUSTRY $ plays in the manipulation of the american mind !

Some would agree all of this is kind of predictable if you look at it. The walls ARE being built - that's true - but it will destroy us !

I WONT BUY INTO THE HYSTERIA.. Instead i will just keep trying to love my friends as I always have, be a bit more mindful of personal hygiene (with everything ), including my food ( which is clearly less important to many people than TOILET PAPER during a pandemic) and other daily household and workplace surfaces!

Again ... Just my thoughts Life is meant to be lived in freedom and joy - not fear and despair !

Have a beautiful day !

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