Local Photographers Making Quarantine Easier !

COVID - 19 Quarantine has alot of people afraid to go outside AT ALL . Nevermind going for walk in the woods or to enjoy some wildlife viewing.

Well, Thanks to some local photographers, and groups like WallKill Valley News & Events (NJ) , we can see whats happening in the world around us thanks to their camera lenses and social media.

Heres a quick look at some of their photos, and other photographers that i'm personally friends with , and also some of my own.


( Cynthia Rock , Laura Cooper and all other photos used by permission )

Just a note - ITS DANGEROUS TO APPROACH ANY WILDLIFE - FOR ANY REASON. If you think animal is in distress, or a wildlife regulation is being violated - you can call 1 877 WARN DEP or your local police or animal control office !

Please never put yourself or other motorists in jeopardy by crossing roads to get a closer look. If you happen to see a turtle crossing the road blocking traffic, use caution or call an authority who can help move it towards the direction it was headed - especially if its a snapping turtle .

Like this picture , using the amazing digital photo and video zoom technology we have at our disposal, we can get as close as we want, from as far away as possible. =)


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