A Bar Has Created A Menstrual-Themed Cocktail That Looks Like A Used Tampon

A lot of people aren't very happy with Ohio bar Yuzu for creating a cocktail that looks like a used tampon sticking out of a glass.

The drink has been dubbed the "Even Can't Literally" and is described as a berry margarita. They actually created the drink for a great cause as well, with a dollar from every purchase of the drink going to the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center in Cleveland.


But that hasn't stopped people from going in on the bar...

One patron wrote on their Facebook post, "This is revolting. I met my boyfriend here and hoped that we could have an anniversary celebration here but after the fentanyl stunt and now this, I can only hope you get run out of business and something better with a little more class comes in there."

Another wrote, "I appreciate that you’re donating to a worthy and charitable cause, but I’d wholeheartedly encourage to take this post down and repost something that’s a bit more respectful."



What do you think of the drink? Fun way to raise money or just gross?

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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