OK This Is NOT What I Thought Kit Harrington Looked Like In 2009

So Jon Snow is beautiful now and he was beautiful 10 years ago as well. Coolcoolcool.

Kit Harrington, the actor who played Jon Snow in HBO's Game of Thrones, has always had a certain "look" and hairstyle in the series: kinda shaggy, tattered, black hair, a lot of fur, etc. But apparently the guy was a well-coiffed, teen heartthrob when the show started!

In a new video showing reactions of some of the GoT cast to their younger selves, both Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams pretty much look the same. But when they get to the 2009 version of Harrington I pretty much lost my sh*t. Check out the video below!


video via Youtube

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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