Oscar-Winning Documentary "My Octopus Teacher" Is Resonating With People

Here's today's feel-good story:

The 2021 Oscar winner for Best Documentary Feature "My Octopus Teacher" is the perfect antidote for our pandemic year.

The film, which explores the lengths a man will go to in order to build a relationship with an octopus just off of the tip of South Africa, has impacted people in ways that nobody thought possible.

Each day for a year, Craig Foster went free diving without a wetsuit or scuba equipment in the frigid water of the Great African Sea Forest to visit "her" and many have been touched by the film's subject matter.

Director Pippa Ehrlich said of the film: "What I loved about this story is there was a story of positivity and hope that involved human beings and the natural world being in one place. It was an opportunity to expand people’s perceptions of what the relationship between us and the wild can be.”