CDC Says Fully Vaxxed People Can Gather Without Masks

Fully vaxxed!? - you're free to gather without wearing a mask. CDC has new guidelines for people who were fully vaccinated - meaning at least two weeks have passed since getting your final vaccine dose. Fully vaccinated people can safely gather indoors in small groups with others who are also vaccinated - as long as no one in the group has an increased risk of severe illness.

The CDC says IF you have been fully vaccinated. It's safe to:

  • Visit indoors, without masks or social distancing, with others who have also been fully vaccinated.
  • Visiting without a mask with people who have not been vaccinated, as long as those people are not at risk for serious illness.
  • Also, if a fully vaccinated person is exposed to someone with COVID-19, they don't have to worry about quarantining or getting tested unless they begin to experience symptoms.
  • However, the CDC still recommends you wear a mask in public and avoid large crowds.