Marie Kondo Accused Of Stealing Famous 'KonMari' Folding Method



This definitely won't be sparking joy for celebrity organizer Marie Kondo. Another celebrity organizer, Linda Koopersmith, has accused Kondo of stealing her famous KonMari folding method and playing it off as her own.

“What Marie calls her KonMari Method, is actually a folding technique created by me 27 years ago,” Koopermsith alleges to Page Six. Koopersmith was known as "The Beverly Hills Organizer" and had her own show about tidying up, titled Clean House, which aired on The Style Network from 2003-2011. She also published the book Beverly Hills Organizer's Home Organizing Bible in 2005. According to Koopersmith, Kondo's KonMari folding method is a rip off of her own technique.

“It was published in my book in 2005, it was shown on the TV show Clean House for years, and seen on YouTube videos," Koopersmith continued. “I invented that upright folding method when my daughter was 3 to organize her drawers so she could see everything. When I first saw Marie demonstrate my fold on TV as her own, it was so upsetting. I felt like somebody had stolen my baby.”

Here's Koopersmith's method:

And here's Kondo's:

Actress Niecy Nash also spoke to Page Six about Koopersmith's allegations. Nash hosted Clean House for seven years. “Linda Koopersmith has been the queen of upright folding since we worked together on the Emmy winning Clean House. I’ve always said Linda is the only person I know who can fold your underwear to look like origami!” she said. “I was also there when she discovered that she wasn’t given credit for her technique that others have claimed as their own.”

Kondo has not addressed the allegations publicly, though she made an appearance at the Cannes Lions festival on Monday (June 17). She didn't address the scandal, however, she discussed how her tidying up techniques helped save a failing marriage.

Photo: Netflix