Warwick Drive-in Owners to Apply for Waiver so it Can Open

Photo: Sarah the Web Girl

The owners of the Warwick Drive-in are applying for a waiver so the outdoor theater can open as early as next month. According to the Record Online, right now the New York business is considered nonessential but Beth and Ernest Wilson hope the state agrees that outdoor movies are good therapy for cooped-up locals’ mental health.

Beth told the Record Online, “I want to work with state and county officials to help people, who are getting cabin fever. Right now, the big joy of life is going out to ShopRite to get a loaf of bread.”

If the theater gets the go ahead to open Wilson said she'll cut attendance capacity at each of the three screens nearly in half. She's also looking into phone apps for customers to remotely order concessions and pick them up without human interaction.

Don't plan on seeing any new movies though, the theater will only be screening retro and recent releases since many film studios have pushed back release dates due to COVID-19.

Read the Record Online story here.

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