Hamburg Resident Pleads Guilty to Stabbing Man at McDonald's in Franklin

Photo: Getty Images

A Hamburg resident admitted to the April stabbing of a man at the McDonald's on Route 23 in Franklin. According to the New Jersey Herald, Kenneth Royce, who was identified as a member of the Latin Kings gang, pled guilty to third-degree aggravated assault.

The 36-year-old said he and his wife were driving on Route 23 in separate cars when he followed her vehicle into the fast food restaurant's parking lot. Royce's wife allegedly parked near the victim's car and "either confronted or talked" to the victim before he got out of his car and approached Royce.

Royce's lawyer claims the victim "attacked Royce with his fists" prompting him to grab a tool from his car and stab the victim several times. Royce reportedly said he had "no choice" because he though the man was trying to kill him but later said the stabbing was "an unnecessary use of force.

Royce faces up to 364 days in jail plus probation but his attorney reportedly plans to argue for a suspended jail term.

Read the New Jersey Herald story here.

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