Will NJ See Snow in March? Here's What Weather Expert Are Saying

Man shovelling snow from pathway, low section

After a mild February everyone's wondering if we'll see snow in March. According to NJ.com, this is what weather experts are predicting:

Dave Curren, meteorologist at News 12 New Jersey, is giving a 50% chance of light snow (1 to 3 inches) and 20% chance of heavy snow (4 to 6 inches) in March.

Janice Huff, meteorologist at NBC4 New York, says there's a 90% chance of light snow and a 50% chance of heavy snow.

Paul Pastelok, long-range meteorologist at AccuWeather, gives an 80% chance of light snow and 40% chance of heavy snow next month.

Sean Rowland, meteorologist at WeatherWorks in Warren County, says there's a 75% chance of light snow and 30% chance of heavy snow.

Steven DiMartino, meteorologist at NY NJ PA Weather Consulting in Monmouth County, is predicting a 40% chance of light snow and 10% chance of heavy snow in northwestern NJ and 5% chance of light snow and 0% chance of heavy snow in southern, central and northeastern NJ.

Read the NJ.com story here.

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