#DATING APPS + #RAYA | Will these hacks help you 'get in???' Thoughts??!

I don't know if you've heard of this RAYA...

@screenshot of logo on my phone | tkphoto :-)

Oh, if you are dating, it's the app, I hear, which is the best of all of the apps. The best people. The best singles. All mingling and swiping and meeting and networking and whatnot... oh, I hear it is glorious.

But... not everyone can get in. No, that's so Tinder or Bumble or Hinge. In fact, you don't want to pay E-Harmony or Match... if you can get into Raya.


But the waiting to get in is the hardest part. And millions, I take it, are in line.

Well this post says we can do some stuff to help make our "get-in" chances better... so give this a read... and let's go ahead and see if we can fix our mutual wait problem...

... because waiting sucks.