The things which fascinate me and what I must do about them...


I don't know about you, but so many things in life fascinate me. And when they fascinate me, they become some sort of obsession which usually leads me to take off on some sort of adventure.

It's been this way my entire life, really.

I became fascinated by writing and reporting... and it lead to winning awards for writing in high school which led me to a couple of gigs writing for newspapers while I still in high school.

I became fascinated by radio taking a radio practicum class in college which lead to, well... my life's work.

I was fascinated by photography... and you can see some of my photos on Instagram or if you want, I'll start posting some of the ones I've taken in the past... although I haven't been shooting like I used to do lately.

I was fascinated by taking AMTRAK places... so I took a sleeper car ride from Chicago to DC on a whim last Summer.

I was fascinated by the history of the Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania and you can see how that turned out on YouTube...

Well... now, I am fascinated by the idea of taking a flight on a regional airline just to see what it's like. So much so to the point that I've imagined flying from place to place where I can connect to these flights just to take them.

Why? I don't know... but it fascinates me... and everytime - and I mean every time - I've been fascinated by something... it has lead to an adventure for me...

Is that weird?

Anyway, I've got some time off coming up and I'm seriously considering taking off on some of these random adventures... because this fascination thing gives me some sort of a 'high' and it brings me, I'm learning, some sort of joy... and so I'm chasing 'em.

Come along for the ride if you want... because there are several things which have me 'fascinated' right now:

The idea of taking off on a trip in a camper with no set destination in mind. They call this "boondocking."

The idea of buying an Airstream Basecamp or Nest trailer.

Going back to Adventures On The Gorge and or the Greenbrier to have an adventure-based vacation.

The idea of camping on the beach someplace.

Going to Mexico or Puerto Rico even with everything going on just to see what life is like.

Taking the train to someplace random for a weekend getaway.

The idea of getting rid of all of our living room and dining room furniture and taking a more minimalist approach to life at home.

Yeah I've got some things brewing in my formerly Strattera-soaked ADHD mind... and the more time I spend working-from-home thinking of ways to maximize living life in spite of fear, I'm finding the list gets longer... and longer... and that means I've got some adventures to actually plan out coming up.

Fascination. It can be a good obsession, I guess...

... and hopefully, you've got something which fascinates you so much so that it brings you joy which leads to, I think, living a life with a healthy dose of bliss.

Thanks for reading... I hope you are having an amazing day today...


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