#DATING: These are the WORST DRINKS you can order on a FIRST DATE!

When you’re getting ready for a first date, you make sure you're smelling right and looking great, but if you’re not stopping to think about what drink you’ll be ordering, you might be making a terrible first impression. A new study found 62% of people say your favorite drink says a lot about you and if yours is a bad one, it could be enough to make them rethink a second date.

Here are the top cocktails to avoid:

● Long Island Iced Tea. At the top of the cocktail red flag list is a drink that contains 0% iced tea but a whole lot of booze. According to 22% of the survey, The Long Island Iced Tea is a terrible first date drink.

● Daiquiri. Right behind the Long Island with 19% of people agreeing it makes a bad impression is the Daiquiri. Whether it’s the classic, the strawberry, or even coconut, does not matter. If that’s your go-to drink, you better hope it’s your matches too or you might be getting ghosted.

● Sidecar. It might just be cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice, but mix it all together and 18% of people say they would totally judge if you ordered a Sidecar out on a date.

● Cosmopolitan. Sorry “Sex and the City” fans. You’re out of luck. Coming in at fourth-worst is the vodka, triple sec, and cranberry juice cocktail known as the Cosmopolitan.

● Moscow Mule. Hope you liked getting your lips on that copper cup because there’s a good chance your Moscow Mule order just stopped you from locking lips with your date. According to 17% of the survey, this vodka and ginger beer cocktail really leaves a bad taste in their mouth when a date orders one.

Check out where your favorite drink landed HERE.

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