#DATING: People are spending BIG MONEY on DATING... here's what we've found

Life’s expensive. Dating is expensive. Research from Dating.com has found that 75% of singles plan to spend more than $100 on a first date meal and 55% of those who are planning to travel to meet their online prospect in person will spend between $500 and $999 on the trip. Woah! That’s a lot of mullah. But, there are some tips you can follow that will help you keep the dating costs down.

·Establish a dating budget. You have a budget for everything else, why not for dating? Finance expert Imani Francies recommends the budget not exceeding 10% of your monthly income.

·Default to “going Dutch.” This can either be splitting the bill or taking turns paying. If your partner always insists on paying the bill, you should still offer here and there.

·Have a boilerplate first date. And stick to it. A coffee date, a flea market outing, an art gallery, etc. are all good ideas that won’t break the bank.

Source: Real Simple

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